I, Reginald Kenneth Mathes, am an advocate for HBCUs and the enhancement of the African-American community.  Currently, I am pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration.  My research areas focus on the lived experiences of African-American students, institutional racism, Black identity, qualitative methods, discrimination, oppression, and Critical Race Theory.  I am writing this blog to share my insight on the need for the enhancement of the Black community.  It is essential that our young Black men understand the importance of pursuing post-secondary education and not obtaining a criminal record.  In addition, I am interested in sharing my thoughts and discovering thoughts about how Whiteness is embedded in American society, and how it effects marginalized populations.


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  1. Also very proud and encouraged by your work and journey. My father is a PhD and my most influential mentor earned multiple degrees while in prison as part of the Panther 21, to eventually teach and administrate in an Ivy league school while building in the community with youth. Most people don’t know the added struggles of men and women of color in higher education nor the value of street knowledge and wisdom so I think it’s dope you’ve chosen this path. Each one reach one. Would love to shoot you some questions if I could? Positive thoughts.


    1. Yes, I would love to ask you some questions as well. As far as my PhD, let’s just say it’s a dream deferred because of a Caucasian sick individual (professor) at an HBCU in the Benjamin Banneker Building with a statue of Frederick Douglass outside. Broke my heart, but I’ll keep pushing. Thanks for the comment. I want to know about your father.


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