The Poison: by Reginald Kenneth Mathes, MPA


An antidote is a medicine or remedy that is used to counteract the effects of poisoning.  Fuller Jr (2014) refers to the pain, misery, and agony that can be easily observed on the faces of Blacks in America as poison.  Fuller Jr. (2014) presumes that the poison that is easily seen within the existence and persona of most African-Americans, especially African-American males is the end result of slavery and White Supremacy.  Essentially, he goes on to reveal that this poisoning is a result of Slavery and systemic oppression that was purposefully designed to lock Blacks out of mainstream society after 1865.  Fuller (2014) contends that this poisoning and agony that has been trickled down from White Supremacy is the reason Blacks are slaughtering each other in the night.

I remember thinking that Fuller (2014) was insane when I first started studying his work.  But then I thought about how my life may have played out if I wasn’t so obsessed with gravitating to the hood (THE POISON).  It was at that moment that I realized why I was shot in the back close range with a 38. Caliber pistol.  It was at that moment that I realized why I have experienced so much envy on the job and off the job in my new found home of Baltimore, Maryland.  I think he’s right.  The supremacy of White privilege and pure White evil has poisoned us and the majority of the SKULL OPENERS in urban communities have no clue where their anger and frustration originated.

I remember when I originally started studying White Privilege, White Supremacy, institutional racism, and systemic oppression while pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration, I thought we were studying irrelevant outdated information.  Then it hit me, then I started seeing it everywhere.  It was mind blowing.  I could see invisible racism and overt racism.  But when I finally started to see the poison that is embedded within us black men as a result of slavery, covert, and overt racism, it was even more mind blowing.  I think we are truly doomed as a people.  At times, I sit and think “where I would be if I never headed North in 2011 and discovered truth?”

“Knowledge is Power” is a saying that myself and most African-Americans overlook as just a slogan such as “Just do it” by Nike.  It wasn’t until about a month ago that I discovered that this is not just a saying and its truth.  I predict that about 90% of African-Americans do not understand where the misery and poison comes from in the African-American community.  Fuller (2014) states “you can almost see it in their eyes”.  Well, I’m here to make a correction to that statement.  You can see it in their eyes.  As I walked into the market recently, I noticed a guy cleaning the windows staring at me with PURE anger in his eyes.  The knowledge allows me to smile and walk the other way or walk past him ignoring his entire existence.  But what is the solution for the poison that is perpetuating the number of Black skulls that are opened up by hollow point bullets in the African-American community?  Is the ANTIDOTE the reformation of Hip Hop culture?

The poison that is embedded in us as a result of White Supremacy that you can easily see in the eyes of young Black men and women is poured on us like flaming petroleum from a plethora of angles.  The music we love and glorify is just one of the many tactics used against Blacks that perpetuates the poison and anger you see on the majority of Blacks faces as well as in their eyes.  According to Alexander (2010) rap music transitioned after the War on Drugs started into and thousands of black men were rapidly cleared off the streets and forced into private prisons.  But even if we know this we have a tendency to continue to glorify the ignorance and destruction of our people.  Alexander (2014) states “they struggled to preserve a positive identity by embracing their stigma” (p.175).  Therefore, I better understand the poison that is embedded in my so-called brothers that I see daily in American society.  I have a stronger of understanding of why change is damn near nonexistent among the majority of Black men who have fallen victim to the system.  Psychologist contend that humans have a tendency to embrace their demise when they basically feel like they are TRAPPED.  Again, the knowledge is power.

But what is the Antidote? What is the solution to cease the number of African-Americans that are being killed by African-Americans daily in Chicago?  How can we build an economic powerhouse to fight White Supremacy if we cannot even work together within our careers?  Is the ANTIDOTE sterilization of Pookie, SHAQUEASHA and Tyrone?  What is the solution for the tearing down of one another simply because of appearance?  Is the ANTIDOTE for Black misery and Black on Black crime, Blacks simply staying away from one another unless we are being productive?  Is the ANTIDOTE, the teaching of the importance of love and compassion?  Is the Antidote, Donald Trump sending in the National Guard permanently in crime riddled African-American communities?  What is the solution that will assist the frustration and misery that perpetuates African-American skulls being opened by bullets that are being fired by young Black boys that are now being referred to as MONSTERS?