Dylan Roof, My Thoughts, and the Murder of 9 African-Americans By: Reginald Kenneth Mathes, MPA


“The singing of “We Shall Overcome” will not combat white supremacy or Black inferiorization any more than singing any song will help to solve a problem in medicine physics ~ Welsing

Before moving to Baltimore City in 2011 to pursue a Doctorate of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration at Morgan State University, I never heard of terms such as overt racism and covert racism.  Ironically, Barrack Obama stated “it’s not just a matter of overt discrimination” immediately after the terror that was committed by Dylan Roof.   I never heard of terms such as institutional racism, eugenics, whiteness and biological supremacy.  I never knew that institutions of higher education that we are taught to idealize were major funders of the Atlantic Slave trade, and housed slaves while whites were enjoying a new experience of enlightenment.  I never knew that racism could be hidden in policies, curriculum’s, and laws.

I never knew that the term whiteness could be linked to their claim of owning the earth.  I remember asking my professor if my dissertation topic regarding the lived experiences of African-American students at PWIs was relevant.  He laughed.  Then Trayvon Martin was killed and all the information they were teaching me for four years became clear.  Race relations, racism, and essentially pure hate for non-whites in America is probably the most important issue today.

Then there was Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  Now it’s South Carolina and the Confederate Flag.  On June 17, 2015, Dylan Roof murdered 9 African-Americans and attempted to murder an additional three in a historic AME Charleston, South Carolina church.  From my understanding he was welcomed into this church family by open arms.  Open elderly African-American arms.  As we continue to approach what I refer to as the “last days”, I ask “should we be surprised?”  Why should we be surprised if research reveals that the global white collective starts and finishes with the unconscious consideration of white genetic survival, and the fear of white genetic annihilation?

In my opinion, before we can analyze our degree of surprise regarding the killings of 9 African-Americans in an historic South Carolina church, we must examine the active conditions of our American society.  It is essential that we examine the active conditions of a society, where increasing numbers of Black males are being killed by black males, and law enforcement agents.  It is vital that we investigate the elements and conditions of a culture wherein the greatest percentage of its resources are used in the creation and production of instruments of mass destruction (Welsing, 1991).  If these 9 killings are no longer discussed nationally in the media, and the solution to the problem is the eradication of the Confederate Flag, then we are stuck in a never ending cycle of White ignorance and the continuation of racial hate crimes.  In the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan “we’ve caught more hell under the American flag than we have caught under the confederate flag”.

Imagine what’s next.  Imagine what we are going to witness in the very near future.  Recently, I watched Mississippi Burning.  It’s a scene in that movie that displays a White politician discussing the Anglo-Saxon culture, and indicates that this nation and maybe this world was created for the wellness and glorification of White lives.  I guess this was the same state of mind Dylan Roof was in when he murdered 9 elderly African-Americans in the house of the Lord.  But why?  It’s taught.   Yes, racism and extreme racism of this sort is taught.   I had the opportunity to discover that racism is taught, while substitute teaching at a predominantly White elementary school in a predominately White town known as Towson, Maryland.  I was approached by an adorable white female elementary school student that could not have been any older than the age of 5.  She said “what’s your favorite season?”  Of course I said summer.

She returns with a drawing of a sun with sun shades on it.  How cute.  I damn near cried.  Especially after the pain and misery, I’ve experienced in Baltimore, Maryland that I am determined to overcome.  At that very moment, I discovered that racism is a learned behavior.   I assume that racism is taught in particular White homes in our dear country of AmeriKKKA.  If this young White elementary female student attempted to be my friend, I assume that her parents were individuals that understood that the human race is the only race.  However, I presume that the opposite was taught in the home of Dylan Roof.

I contend that hate was taught in the home of Dylan Roof.  Ironically, I’ve recently watched American History X (1998).  I discovered that hate is baggage.  Is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan carrying a luggage full of hate?  Is the Former United States Representative Allen West wrong when he indicates that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s recent statements are outrageous?  Can we blame the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s statements for indicating that it’s time for the minority to start killing the majority?  His statements may be outrageous, however, I guess he’s tired of the singing “we shall overcome”.

Or I should probably say “I assume that he is tired of seeing Blacks forgiving, praying, and singing, while the murders of their family members are being fed burgers”.  So is he outrageous for calling for retaliation by 10,000 Black men who are ready to die?  There is a war going on outside no man is safe from.  So what’s next?  Another police killing? More police brutality? More police murders of Black men?  A race war in the streets of America?  What’s going on in America? What’s next?